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“RICE” no more! PEACE and LOVE for Injury Management!

RICE no more! PEACE and LOVE for Injury Management! RICE is at least 10 years out of date!

The RICE (or RICED; rest, ice, compression, elevation, diagnosis) method for injury management has been advised against in the research & academic settings since at least 2010. In early 2019 I wrote an article about a more…

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How to learn choreography quickly

I recently learned a pretty tricky drum solo by another dancer in 5 hours, over 3 days.

When I was cast in Jillina’s stage production of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, I learned 7 choreographies in about 6 weeks. So here are some of my main tips to learn choreography quickly!

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Three tips for stronger belly dance isolations

Looking to get your isolations sharper, your figure eights and circles smoother, and your quality of movement crisper and cleaner? It’s all about practice! However, the way we practice can have an effect on what we get out of that practice. Mindful drilling trumps mindless drilling, so here are three tips to strengthen your belly…

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What is progressive overload, and how do we use it as belly dancers?

One of the biggest mistakes I see dancers make when it comes to training is ignoring the concept of progressive overload. Progressive overload refers to gradually (the key word here!) increasing the amount and/or difficulty of your training over time. In both the rehabilitation and athletic performance spheres, we use progressive overload to safely and…

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Siobhan Camille interviews Aziza (CA/USA)

I spoke to Aziza of Montreal, an internationally reknowned dancer and superstar – and a huge inspiration to me as both a person and a dancer.  We chatted practice, consistency, stage presence, cycling and more! Join us for online belly dance workshops and a hafla featuring Aziza of Montreal on February 5, 2022! Watch the…

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Siobhan Camille on the Yallah Raqs Podcast: Shimmies & Strength

Thrilled to be back on the Yallah Raqs podcast, this time talking about shimmies and strength! In this podcast episode, we discuss shimmies and the role strength plays when it comes to shaking those hips. There’s always something more to learn, layer, or experiment with when it comes to shimmies, so give it a listen.…

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Greenstone Belly Dance: Statement of Values and Inclusivity

For a long time, I didn’t publicly state this stuff because it feels performative. But I’ve realised that being more vocal about what we believe in also helps ensure we attract the students and collaborators who also share the same core values.

To that end, I want to tell you what inclusivity looks like to…

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What is “Sa’idi” dance?

As belly dancers, we refer to a dance performed to music from the Said region (upper/Southern Egypt) as sa’idi. The more correct name for this dance is raqs-al-assaya/raqs-al-assayah (sometimes transliterated differently), which means stick dance.  Learn more on our blog!

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We mogen weer! We can dance in the Delft studio again!

(English follows) We mogen weer dansen in de Delftse studio! Dansers en danseressen, we zijn zo blij dat er vanaf 5 juni weer groepsdanslessen mogen worden gegeven in de studio! De Delftse lessen vinden plaats op donderdag om 18u (Improvers; basiskennis buikdans is aanbevolen) en om 19u15 (intermediate/gevorderd; 18 maanden aaneengesloten buikdanservaring is vereist). Bekijk…

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What does “Baladi” mean?

“Baladi” is a term used widely within the international belly dance community, but also within Egypt. It’s a word that can describe a person, a dance, a musical style, food, and so much more! So it can get a little confusing when trying to understand what exactly baladi is. In this blog post, I’ll touch…

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