Upcoming Events (2023)

November 18 & 19, 2023: In-Person Belly Dance workshops and Hafla in Delft, the Netherlands featuring Rashida of Guatemala

Rashida (Guatemala) in the Netherlands!

Meet Rashida of Guatemala – and learn from her in Delft, the Netherlands in November 2023!

Join us on Saturday November 18 and Sunday November 19, 2023 in Delft, the Netherlands! Greenstone Dance Arts will be hosting workshops and a hafla (“belly dance” party!) with a special invited raqs sharqi (“belly dance”) artist: Rashida of Guatemala!

Rashida is a distinguished professional belly dance artist from Guatemala. As the Artistic Director, choreographer, and founder of Rashida Bellydance Academy, she has shaped the dance landscape in her country for 16 years.

Her impressive career includes performances with the Munique Neith International Ballet and Jillina’s Bellydance Evolution, both in ensemble and lead roles. Notable achievements include winning first place in professional categories at prestigious competitions, including those judge by Randa Kamel and Esmeralda Colabone.

Rashida’s dance style blends Oriental Dance with Latin influences. With unwavering dedication to innovation and continuous growth, Rashida mesmerizes audiences worldwide with her graceful and captivating performances.


Lijm & Cultuur, Rotterdamseweg 272, 2628 AT Delft

See Lijm & Cultuur on Google Maps here:

And see Lijm & Cultuur’s travel guide on how to get there here: (Just a 13 minute walk from the Delft Campus train station, or there is ample free parking at the venue)


Saturday November 18

  • 10:00-12:00: Latin Drum Solo with Rashida
  • Lunch break (bring your own lunch, some snacks will be provided and there is a small kitchen and fridge on-site)
  • 13:00-15:00: Lyrical Veil with Rashida
  • 19:00-20:30: Studio Hafla! Featuring Rashida, Siobhan Camille and special guests, along with workshop participants!
Sunday November 19
  • 10:30-12:30: Drum Solo Improv with Siobhan Camille
  • Lunch break (bring your own lunch, some snacks will be provided and there is a small kitchen and fridge on-site)
  • 13:15-15:15: Tango Fusion with Rashida

August 14-20, 2023: In-Person workshops at Aziza’s Spicy Dreamcamp featuring Valerick Molinary IN mONTREAL, cANADA

Siobhan Camille is thrilled to have been invited back to teach again at Aziza of Montreal’s world reknowned Dreamcamp!

Siobhan Camille will be teaching workshops related to injury prevention and improved performance for dancers, drawing on her extensive background and experience working in rehabilitation and with elite athletes.

Spicy Dreamcamp is SOLD OUT! But you can contact Aziza to join the waitlist here.

Previous Events

June 17, 2023: Springtime Shimmy: In-Person Raqs Sharqi (“belly dance”) workshops and hAFLA in Rotterdam, The Netherlands

fEBRUARY 17-19, 2023: In-Person workshops AND SHOW at Leylet Raqs: Raqs Sharqi (Bellydance) festival in Ghent, bELGIUM

December 10, 2022: Online Workshops & Hafla Feat. Danielle Hutton (usa) & Rashida (GT)

October 29 & 30, 2022: Workshops & Hafla in Rotterdam Feat. Aziza, Badriyah and Rachid Alexander

September 28 – October 2, 2022: Online Lecture at Al Raqs Conference

Siobhan Camille will be presenting: Injury Prevention and Improved Performance for Belly Dancers

August – September 2022: Rhythm Study Series with Issam Houshan and Siobhan Camille (ONLINE)

Don’t miss the opportunity to work with one of the best drummers in the world LIVE and online!

August 1-7, 2022: Workshops at Aziza’s Endeavor Bellydance Dreamcamp in Quebec, Canada

Siobhan Camille has been invited by Aziza of Montreal to teach at the 2022 Endeavor Dreamcamp from August 1 until August 7. Siobhan Camille is honoured to be teaching alongside the stellar headliners Michelle Sorensen, Florence LeClerc, and Aziza herself. Siobhan will be teaching two workshops and a mobility session over the course of the week: Neuromuscular Warm Ups for Injury Prevention and Improved Performance; Range of Motion and Recovery; and a Recovery Mobility session!

May 14, 2022: The Musical Space: Online Musicality intensive and hafla for belly dancers

Read on to learn more about The Musical Space online workshop and hafla


February 5, 2022: Online workshop & Hafla Featuring Aziza (CA/USA) and Issam Houshan (USA)

Join Aziza, Issam Houshan and Siobhan Camille for online workshops and a hafla on Saturday February 5, 2022. Recordings available!

March 1, 2022 – January 15, 2022: Aziza’s Year of You: 10 Month Online MentorShip Program – Sold out!

Absolutely thrilled to be on the teaching team again for Aziza’s 5th Year of You coaching program! Sold out. Find all the details on Aziza’s website.

October 2, 2021: The Musical Space: Belly Dance Workshop & Hafla in Rotterdam

Greenstone Belly Dance 3rd Annual Summer School 2021

Sa’idi (raqs al assaya), Strength in Practice (learn about your body and how to get the most out of it for dance!), and Luscious Layers (breaking down isolations then adding them all together!).

April: The Dancer’s Toolbox: Online Spring Workshops & Hafla Featuring Danielle Hutton (USA) and Siobhan Camille (NZ/NL)

Online Spring Workshops & Hafla featuring Danielle Hutton (USA) and Siobhan Camille (NZ/NL)!

April: Exclusive Workshops as part of Aziza’s Year of You, 2021 (Online)

Siobhan Camille is thrilled to be selected alongside Issam Houshan, Lisa Zahiya, and Devilla Raks as master instructors in Aziza’s 12 month group mentorship program for belly dancers: Year of You.

MUSIC IN MOTION: Online Belly Dance Workshops & Hafla featuring Chudney Raks (USA) and Siobhan Camille (nZ/NL)

Online lecture: Dance Strong: Injury Prevention & imPROVED pERFORMANCE for Belly Dancers

KONINGSDAG Online Belly Dance Party featuring Aziza, Badriyah, Amanda Pittoreska and siobhan camille

Drum Solo Secrets: Workshops & Hafla, March 14 2020

Autumn Belly Dance Workshops & Hafla feat. Amanda Rose (ES/US)

Summer Workshops & Hafla feat. Asiyah Suad (NL)

AsiyahSuadinRotterdamGreenstoneBellyDanceHafla copy

Spring Workshops & Hafla feat. Badriyah (CZ/BE)

Winter Workshop & Hafla feat. Shems (USA)

In January 2019 Siobhan and Greenstone Belly Dance had the pleasure of hosting international dancer Shems (USA) for a raqs-al-assaya (saidi) workshop and hafla in Delft.