Taste of Dance Strong: October 2023

Hi dancers,

Thank you so much for joining me for this live class and/or watching the replay! I hope you enjoy!

I’ve extended early bird pricing for the next Dance Strong 6 Week Online Fitness Challenge until Friday October 13 at 23:59 Amsterdam time.

Don’t worry if you miss earlybird, you can still sign up before the challenge begins on Monday October 30!

Resources/Links Mentioned in the Class

Find out more about the 6 Week Challenge here.

Enter the finger cymbals competition here.

Join the FREE 21 days of belly dance challenge here!

Watch the replay here for free until October 28!

Like this? Join us in the Dance Strong 6 Week Online Fitness Challenge for Belly Dancers!

💃 “Exciting”⁠
💃 “Inclusive”⁠
💃 “Affirming”⁠
💃 “A breath of fresh air”⁠

These are just some of the words and phrases people use to describe the Dance Strong 6 Week Online Fitness Challenge for Belly Dancers. Our next challenge starts Monday October 30 (and early bird pricing ends TODAY).

If you join us, you’ll get:⁠

💪 Accountability and community⁠
💪Weekly live & pre-recorded classes designed with belly dancers in mind⁠
💪 Prizes and rewards!⁠

All led by me, an exercise scientist and strength & conditioning coach with over a decade of experience (who just happens to be a professional belly dancer!)⁠

Some of the things people have noticed or said about themselves and their experiences in the challenge are:⁠
🕺 “Feeling stronger!” “Regaining my strength!”⁠
🕺 “More aware of my body”⁠
🕺 “I didn’t know how much I needed this”⁠
🕺 “I’m walking better and my lower back is not so tight”⁠

This challenge is designed to be accessible and achievable. The strength components of the classes are designed with belly dancers in mind, to keep us strong enough to meet the demands of our dance, and prevent injury.⁠

Dancers of all fitness levels will be able to benefit from this challenge; there are extra levels if you want to make it tougher, and plenty of options to modify if you’re just starting out!⁠ ⁠

Wanna join us in building the strength we need to improve your dance and help prevent injuries? Visit https://greenstone.dance/6-week-challenge/ 💕