Client Testimonials

Strength and Conditioning for Dancers: Client Testimonials

“I have had a great experience in my work with Siobhan. I come from an athletic and dance background and I came to her for a program that worked around the demands of my dance career, my traveling lifestyle and focused my workouts on rehabilitating long term issues and current needs. The programs I received reflected exactly what we had discussed and I feel like they have fit perfectly into my life. The workouts have met the demand of challenging me sufficiently, while also supporting my injuries in a rehabilitative nature. I love the format that I was given for the workouts that allowed me to see how everything was done, easily go back to review should I need clarification, and in a format that I can keep on my phone, computer, or print out. I feel like I made a smart investment in my work with Siobhan and look forward to continued work with a qualified professional that knows how to give me what I want and what I need to support my future goals.”

– Amanda Rose, International Oriental Dance
Instructor, Performer & Choreographer, Spain

“I’ve been a rather sedentary adult, with an aversion to exercise, and at 35 it caught up with me. I discovered belly dancing (which is how I came to know Siobhan), and LOVED it. I had found my passion. 

Unfortunately I also found that movement after living a seated life can be difficult, and painful. My rather Rubenesque size added to my troubles, and late last year I ended up with Plantar Fasciitis. It was extremely painful to walk (which I do a lot of), and dancing was agony. Siobhan offered her services and, after a long chat over a pot of tea and a Zoom meeting, created a personalised rehabilitation programme, to help strengthen and heal.She took everything into consideration, and I ended up with a programme that was challenging, but that I could stick to.She worked with me throughout the programme, suggesting options, and providing adjustments if required, and after a few weeks I found myself stronger; a lot more limber; and able to move without much pain. I am amazed at how far I’ve come. I’m not back to where I was before my injury – I’m way past that. I’m noticing small improvements every time I exercise, and 3 months after I signed up, I’m able to do things that I never thought I would be able to achieve.I still have a long way to go, and I still hate exercise, but I’m motivated to keep going (one of the things that I never thought possible), and I will most definitely be asking for another programme from Siobhan, once I’m fit enough to need a new challenge.” 

Dancer, New Zealand

“I hired Siobhan  back in April 2020 to create a customized home workout routine.She was incredibly affordable and easy to work with.I appreciate her listening to my own fitness needs and what equipment I had access to at my house. We discussed how to best fit a new routine into my new work-from home schedule.She created a custom routine with clear instructions and videos explaining each move. I was so happy a friend recommended Siobhan to me! Working with her has been a great experience.If you are looking for a customized workout routine contact Siobhan!!!”

Adrianne, Middle Eastern Dance Artist, United States

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